About the STUDIO

It's like my superhero freelance identity

A Little EMJO History

In the Beginning

Even though I had been offering freelance services since 2002, it was in 2007 that I began using the name Emjo, specifically Emjo Design. At the time I was only offering freelance services in graphic design as a way to be creative on the side since I’ve always held a full-time job.

As time passed, I began working with web design and development as well as a small bit of photography. I started developing and hosting websites for a few clients and that’s when I decided to switch to Emjo Studios since I was now doing more than just design.

As for the word Emjo, it derives from my wife’s name, Emily Jo. I like it, so I stick with it. It’s always been more like an identity than a company. I just use the name to promote the freelance services that I offer. Hopefully one day I can flush it out to be something more.

Emjo These Days

As of today, I’m still offering a limited number of freelance services. In early 2022 I returned to working full-time after spending a few years focusing on freelancing and being a stay-at-home dad to our little one who arrived in early 2021. Prior to COVID, I held a full-time position in web development, however, lost that job due to the pandemic.

My current full-time job working for the state at the Department of Homeland Security keeps me quite busy, therefore, my freelance services might be limited. Some weeks I’m completely free to handle work on the side, other weeks I might be tied up. Feel free to contact me with any inquiries you might have about a certain service. I’ll gladly let you know what my turnaround time might be and whether I would be able to provide what you need.